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You Should Know These By Heart

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What to expect in a sia training course? We will be elaborating the different information you need to know if you are interested on becoming a bodyguard. First, if you are not familiar with the acronym SIA, this means – Security Industry Authority. The position of being a licensed bodyguard is very rewarding in terms of pay and dignity that is why applicants are adding in volume each year.

Being a bodyguard is a very tough job and this requires both physical and mental strength combined. You will get to master this one by one as soon as you enter the sia training course. You must be physically ready if your boss requires physical protection from people who might instantly attack him or her. You must also be mentally strong which means you have to know what steps to make in the littlest time given. You work under pressure when you are a bodyguard. But you don’t have to worry because after you have completed your sia training courses, you will be equipped with the proper materials and skills to do this.

Aside from being a personal bodyguard, upon completing the sia training courses, you can also choose to become a door supervisor or a security guard. You are required to finish a number of modules and the number of modules will depend on the field you want to take. Please refer to the list below:

To be a licensed security guard – 3 modules.

To be a licensed door supervisor – 4 modules.

The sia training courses for the door supervisor is more complex than of security guard sia training course. Here, you will be taught to master the art of handling physical interventions the easiest and possible way without hurting yourself or the other person involved.

The sia training courses, will also lead you to take different discipline training programs and you have to pass them in order to become certified. There are different types of discipline certification to mention; the main logic here is – the more certification you pass, the more qualified you are to become an SIA licensed officer. You must also be careful when you are choosing a company to train you. You must make sure that this particular company is SIA approved because if not, your money, effort and time to complete this training will be worthless. Visit the website of the SIA in order to be well informed first.