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Posted on May 31, 2017 at 6:05 PM

Event and party planners have the same fundamental decision to make and that is hiring the best event security staff (SIA licence holders) for their function.

When making this determination you could decide to adopt the path ofminimal resistance and contract either the first security company that you encounter or go with the cheapest option you were able to find.

This attitude is fine if all you are looking to do is fulfil an insurance requirement or look to have positions filled but this could be a costly mistake as you cannot guarantee the quality of event security operative you are hiring.

What you have to remember is that event security personnel (SIA licence approved) are often the first point of contact when anyone turns up to your occasion and if their image and demeanour are completely unsatisfactory then it will reflect badly on you.

As event security members are almost always the first point of contact for patrons, then should you get the staffing wrong then you will very quickly realise that your career has been irrevocably stained and will be beyond redemption.

In addition to the wastage of the budget money, your reputation for being the purveyor of quality services is now defunct.

When it comes to employing security staff the old saying of quality over quantity is perhaps the most apt idea of what you need to keep in mind when considering your choice of security operative.

When choosing a possible event security contractor I would advocate seeking that extra something.

Go for a security company (SIA licence registered) that employs those who have extra core skills, core skills that have been proven on an almost daily basis, someone whose background may stem from the likes of the emergency services.

The reasoning behind this is that not only do they have the same understanding of all aspects of security but they will be trained to a higher degree in trauma management, they will have road traffic collision knowledge, emergency response driver experience and numerous other skills that an ordinary security operative will never acquire.

If you are responsible for the organisation of a function and if you are given the chance of either hiring two security operatives who are on minimum wage or hiring a single guy who is, at the outset, more costly but has all of the formerly mentioned additional attributes then I would select the lone guy.

SIA Licence: And the reason for this?

Simple, the two receiving minimum wage will not contribute any extra effort, while the single operative is a known professional and will be committed to satisfying any agreed brief to the best of their abilities.

When you begin to look at it from this perspective then you will understand that you are receiving the best value for your investment, an excellent representative for your organisation, an operative who is tried and experienced in demanding environments and a person who is able to deal with a host of extra scenarios.

Do your research and source an up and coming security company who look to provide event security operatives who are drawn not only from ex military backgrounds but from the emergency services.

Should you choose such a company you will find them to be eager, experienced and more than capable of supplying the quality your event demands.

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